Surprising New Revelations About Placebos

Placebos have been used by scientists as a means to test the effects of certain new drugs against the bodys own ability to heal. Placebos dont contain any medicinal properties whatsoever in trying to treat certain diseases and conditions. But there is something quite surprising about recent discoveries about placebos and how they might affect […]

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Surprising Facts About Weight

Weight issues have become a foremost problem among many people today. It seems quite a puzzle for some to effectively lose excess weight and maintain it at a healthy range. Even though if two people make the same effort into losing weight, the results that they come up with may not always be the same. […]

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Common Dangers In the Bathroom

Going to the bathroom is an everyday routine. But while it may be considered as such, some people may overlook the certain dangers that lurk there. Here are just some of the common dangers that people might be facing everyday while going into the bathroom. Water Danger Since water is always present in bathrooms, it […]

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Deceivingly Healthy Habits You Should Know About

People would really want to follow healthy habits in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But there are some things that people may think to be a healthy habit but may actually do more harm than good. Here are just some of those deceivingly healthy habits that peoples should be aware about. Taking more than […]

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Surprising Facts About Soda

Soda has become a very common part of today’s diet lifestyle, along with fast food. In fact, it has become a popular beverage worldwide, regardless of its unhealthy effects. But there are other surprising facts that people should know about soda, especially in the US. Here are just some of them. Most soda drinks today […]

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Tiny Medical Implants That Can Travel Through Bloodstream Now Possible

Technology has made it possible for scientists and researchers to develop medical devices that are smaller and smaller. The tiniest of such devices can be used as medical implants to deliver medication or for monitoring. But for the most part, such existing medical devices are only implanted on a fixed part of the body. But […]

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